Sunday, July 01, 2012

Contract Deals

Since it is the season, this is worth mentioning:

Hollywood studios have reached an agreement with Teamsters truck drivers and four other unions, according to an announcement Friday by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and the Basic Crafts Unions. The three-year tentative deal includes 2 percent annual wage increases and additional funding of the union health plan.

We should point out that in the current era, new contract negotiations haven't been easy.

In the course of talks, the Teamsters broke off their negotiations, the IATSE broke off, and TAG walked out. While 2% wage bump ups are nothing to write home to Aunt Mabel about, they are what all the entertainment guilds and unions have been taking for the past three-plus years.

The focus of entertainment unions has been shoring up their pension and health plans, and we have been no exception. Hollywood unions have agreed to salary hikes under the rate of inflation in exchange for money into their members' health and retirement accounts.


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