Friday, July 13, 2012

First Look at Oz

Disney released the first trailer for The Great and Powerful Oz through their Walt Disney Studios UK YouTube channel. An interesting comment on where ticket sales are higher, in this blogger's opinion.

While the film is listed as being shot in Michigan, the post vfx work also done in the US through Luma Pictures and With A Twist Studios (although I was told Imageworks, was doing the Lion's share of the work), as well as the release dates spread evenly among the worlds larger cities, Disney UK released the first look at the hopeful blockbuster.

It's probably in no small part because ticket sales have largely been weighted heavily on the Non-US side. If one is to take Box Office Mojo's numbers to heart, half of the Top-10 films of the year have seen a majority of their revenue stem from overseas (highlighted in red):
(click for larger image)

Although, none of those films have finished their runs. A better example may be the results from last year:
(click for larger image)

I don't blame any studio trying to get as many foreign dollars as they can.


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