Wednesday, July 25, 2012


SNL Kagan gives us the good news:

... The research firm says that DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted should lead the pack with projected total revenues (at $783.3M) coming in 2.31 times higher than total costs (of $339.4M). ...

DreamWorks Animation has been on a roll of late. Madgascar 3 is a sizable hit, and the feature before that, Puss in Boots, collected over half a billion at the box office.

Looking at DWA's box office over the last couple of years, the only weak performer was Megamind, which still earned a worldwide total of $321.9 million after all the receipts were counted.

By coincidence, I spent most of my morning at DreamWorks Animation's Glendale campus. Most of the conversations I had centered around TAG's recent contract negotiations, and the Motion Picture Industry's Pension and Health Plans. (People wanted to know about the health insurance premiums they will have to pay.)

But one staffer talked about current and future box office:

I'm happy that Mad 3 did so well, but I always get nervous when pictures are about to be released. You never know how they're going to do. I'm excieted about The Guardians [DWA's Fall feature}, but I've trained myself not to get too excited. Because you never know how well they're going to do. And it's always a little nerve-racking. ...

Me, I've always been a little awed at DreamWorks Animation's high-wire act. But they have been at it a long time, and the pictures (mostly) make good money. So maybe they're on to something.


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