Monday, October 08, 2012

A Word About Synergy

Compared to Pixar, DreamWorks Animation is crass and money-grubbing: "Addicted to Sequels!" ... "Commercializes Its Properties!" "Runs Franchises Into the Ground!"

Welll ...

... [T]he short Partysaurus Rex, which premiered in front of last month’s Finding Nemo 3D re-release, is slated to make its television debut tonight. In addition, it now looks like the [Toy Story] gang will reunite again for Toy Story of Terror, a TV special due out next year. ...

Made in Canada at the Vancouver studio, no doubt.

Before the snark gets too thick, let's remember that cartoon companies -- even ones founded by Steve Jobs -- are a long way from being Florentine art studios. They're in business to make money, the more the better. And the more money they make, the more people get employed.

So sequels? Hell, yeah! Shorts? Television spin-offs? F*ck yeah!

Animation is a business, not a religion. And the day that corporations don't exploit their creations to the max, is the day they're not around anymore.


Floyd Norman said...

So very true. As much as I respect and admire Steve Jobs he bought Pixar to make money. And, make money he did.

Kenneth Elliott said...

This makes everything Pixar and Lasseter said prior to 2006 a big lie "no sequels! It's all about originality! We will never be like Walt disney feature animation! " Yeah right.

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