Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So a Contract

Hollywood IA locals helped a striking crew prevail in the tussle with management.

The union and producers Magical Elves reached an agreement over health and pension benefits last night ... The crew of Fashion Star, on strike since Saturday, will return to work today. There will be no more picketing at Hollywood Center Studios and the producers’ offices. Also, today’s 1:30 PM taping in front of an audience of the NBC reality show will now go ahead as scheduled. ...

The old leverage thing. (You can find the start of leverage being applied here.)

The company had foot-dragged over negotiations, and tried to resume taping the show even as it stalled things out. So picketing continued until the company got serious and reached a deal.

Always remember Hulett's maxim: "There is no fair and unfair, there is only what you have the juice to get."


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