Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Even more on Paperman

Paperman, the latest and much-praised short from Disney, will be shown in front of the studios newest animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph, opening early next month.

As has been highlighted before on this blog, the short was created using a fascinating mixture of traditional and CG animation techniques. A video has been released showing the breakdown of how those techniques were achieved.

Watch the short on the It's Art website at this link: http://www.itsartmag.com/features/paperman-breakdown/


Diablo said...

Great character design!!

Looking forward to seeing this.


David said...

Hmmmm ... now that I'm seeing more of the process it really does seem like this is merely a technical exercise: "How can we make CG animation sort of look like Hand-drawn animation? " which makes me wonder if the people who made this love hand-drawn animation as much as they claim to, then why not just do it in hand-drawn animation ? What's the point ? And Disney seems to think they have invented something new here , but "toon-shaded" CG has been around for a long time. Disney's version of toon-shaded CG is perhaps a little bit different because in some shots they have additional animation hand-drawn over top of the CG , but this is reducing the hand-drawn animators to merely performing some sort of clean-up/final line augmentation , they are no longer the primary artist generating the character animation.

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