Thursday, October 04, 2012

Jeanette Thomas, RIP

Frank Thomas's widow was ninety-one.

Jeanette Armentrout Thomas, the widow of legendary Disney animator Frank Thomas (one of Walt Disney’s renowned “Nine Old Men”), passed away on Saturday September 29th, from age-related illnesses, at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. She was 91-years-old. Jeanette was prominently featured in several documentaries directed by her son, Theodore Thomas, including Frank & Ollie, and Walt and El Grupo. ...

A long life well-lived. We tend not to think of the iconic Disney animators outside the Hyperion and Buena Vista studios, or that they had wives, families and multi-faceted existences away from work, but they did.

Mrs. Thomas was among the last surviving spouses of the Nine Old Men. Our condolences to the Thomas family.

(Diane Disney Miller memorializes Jeanette Thomas here.)


robert alvarez said...

Thank you Jeanette for sharing your home and your life with all of us in Frank and Ollie. Bless you.

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