Monday, October 22, 2012

Pink Slip Time in London

As usual, the company keeps lips sealed about how many artists and tech directors will be slipped the axe.

Double Negative Visual Effects, which provided effects for Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises, confirmed they were getting rid of staff, but refused to reveal the exact number. They said the cuts were due to “a lack of projects”.

The Oscar-winning studio has two London offices, one in Mortimer Street and another in Shaftesbury Avenue, and had employed 1,000 workers until today’s news ...

None of this should be a big surprise.

As talent pools grow wider and deeper, our fine entertainment conglomerates have more visual effects subcontractors to choose from. Also more price points. They're happy to exercise their choices.

And for too many effects employees job chasing, along with shorter employment tenures, have (too often) become the name of the game.


Diablo said...

the vfx industry sucks giant elephant balls!

F. Kousac said...

Yet another casualty of that awful John Carter thing, no doubt.

Steven Kaplan said...

Could be, but JC was merely the last straw. Schedules were (and are) continuing to compress and the product was suffering. If you had to point to a specific problem, I'd look at greed.

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