Friday, October 19, 2012

New Woman at Pixar

Brenda's gone, but Marti's* arriving.

Today at the Austin Film Festival during a panel on Pixar (and writing), Mary Coleman, a senior development executive at the company, announced that Marti Noxon, a former writer for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Mad Men,” had joined the company on an unspecified project. This is a major development for the notoriously close-knit company, and should at least calm the jangled nerves of animation fans who were surprised and upset by a recent high-profile dismissal. ...

The hiring of Noxon, a true creative visionary who is able to oscillate between fantastical material like ‘Buffy’ and more grounded hour-longs like “Grey’s Anatomy,” should, at least temporarily, shutter the outcry against Pixar’s detractors about the studio’s supposed glass ceiling ...

Now, the question I have is: Will Marti (and perhaps others?) be signing representation cards for the WGAw?

* Sloppiness is its own punishment. This should have been Marti from the beginning, and not "Mary" as is noted below.


David said...

Her name is Marti , not Mary.

(Mary Coleman is the sr. development exec. who made the announcement. Marti Noxon is the writer joining the company)

F. Kousac said...

And this is news...because....??? Pixar has hired LOTS of outside writers (Michael Arndt wrote Toy Story 3, Joss Whedon wrote Toy Story). Most Pixar films have hired writers.

The scary thing is this mary coleman thing. Creative Development executives are rarely more than glorified "D-Girls" who know nothing about film making. I thought Lasseter fired all of them?

Alice Marie said...


Excuse me? a "D-girl"? I'm sorry, but your sexism is showing. If you want to support the belief that a creative development exec knows nothing about filmmaking, fine. Tossing in a term that is not only derogatory but singles out a specific gender is completely uncalled for.

The hiring of Marti Noxon matters because the percentage of women employed in creative positions in animation (and the film industry in general) still pretty damn low.

Not to mention look at her credits! Geez.

Steve Hulett said...

And this is news...because....??? Pixar has hired LOTS of outside writers (Michael Arndt wrote Toy Story 3, Joss Whedon wrote Toy Story).

The gender is news. The "outside writer" part of it is not.

WGAw scribes with track records seem to be Pixar's favorite outside creatives.

Maybe the WGAw doesn't leverage this trendline into a contract because A) Guild contract language prevents it; B) there are never two writers on site at the same time and therefore, no quorum; or C) the guild just doesn't wanna.

I don't know what the answer is, but I have often wondered about it.

Kenneth Elliott said...

This is definately a step in the right direction, and it does calm my nerves....

...but will she ever be given the opportunity to direct?

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