Friday, October 12, 2012

Robot #7

CN greenlights another season:

Adult Swim said today it has ordered another season of Robot Chicken, with Season 7 set to air on Cartoon Network next year. Season 6 of the Emmy-winning stop-motion series — which included its 100th episode — currently airs Sunday nights and is the programming block’s top-rated original series. ...

We have no contract with Robot Chicken (more's the pity), but we're nevertheless pleased that the series has gotten picked up. It entertains teenagers in a major way and raises awareness of Star Wars and various Super Heroes. (When the franchises of our fine, entertainment conglomerates are boosted, America wins.)

And most importantly, it's one more animated series that strengthens animation's presence on television. That's good for everyone who works in the industry.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Not me, just can't really watch the show myself and don't think Star Wars needs to be milked that far myself, though I do enjoy the one or two times they'll say/do something that those half my age will never understand! This one in particular caught my fancy if only for the reference to a confection brand that use to sponsor said specials 40 years ago (I'm sure it's hard to maintain a joke when your demographic may never have seen those characters associated with fruit pies).

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