Friday, October 26, 2012

Genndy's Latest Animation

We've posted several times about Genndy Tartakovsky's latest feature and the success its been enjoying. Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew shared what Genndy's been doing since the release of the film:

If you’ve been wondering what Genndy Tartakovsky’s been doing this past summer besides hitting the road to promote Hotel Transylvania and prepping to direct a CG Popeye – wonder no longer. Tartakovsky wrote, directed and animated himself a brand new hand-drawn HT companion short entitled Goodnight Mr. Foot – in all of four weeks.

And now the short is getting an exclusive theatrical run starting tomorrow in Regal theaters nationwide before showings of Hotel Trasnsylvania, as a special Halloween treat for Holiday audiences.

Genndy has been quite a busy man since his gloried union days at Hasbro, Warner Bros and Cartoon Network. We hope his efforts continue to be successful and look forward to enjoying his handiwork in front of his feature directorial work soon.


John Cawley said...

Genndy did similar "solo duty" on a Dexter's Lab short (CHICKEN SCRATCH) that debuted in front of the, mostly forgotten, PPG feature.

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