Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The International Trailer

WIR's international trailer, which reminds me ...

I was at the House of Mouse today, and the pace is a lot more relaxed. The feature is out of the lighting department (the last step) and a lot of the department is on vacation ... or has just gotten back from vacation.

But there are a few shot tweaks going on still; I was informed that a minor character is being altered for one of Diz's foreign releases. (Strange, but there it is.)

As for the rest of the Disney slate, Frozen has multiple sequences in production, and the feature slated after Frozen is chugging along.

And I was told that the wrap party for Wreck-It Ralph is imminent. Happy faces all around.


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that Big Hero 6 is chugging along. ;-)

What about the rest of the projects in development? Is King of the Elves still on hold? Is Ron & John's pic progressing? I have high hopes for their movie since it will make use of the 'Paperman' technique.

Btw, do you happen to know if there're any features or shorts in development that are (purely) hand-drawn? Or has that ship sailed for good?

Steve Hulett said...

"Big Hero 6" appears to be the next project in line. Story is being worked/re-worked. One staffer said that there will be decisions made about release dates next month.

Guess we'll see.

Steve Hulett said...

Ron and John's pic is (I assume) progressing. Did not see them, did not ask.

"King of the Elves?" Got no idea where it is in the mix.

F. Kousac said...

Thankfully, no "hand drawn" cartoons are in the work at Disney for the forseeable future. Looking forward to seeing the Disney artists take hold of their new digital tools.

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