Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Pass With Limpet

Warner Bros resurrects (again) an old property.

Oscar-nominated writer/director Richard Linklater (Before Sunset) is reportedly the leading candidate to take over the director’s chair for the Warner Bros. remake of the 1964 animation/live-action hybrid The Incredible Mr. Limpet. ...

Warners has been toying with the idea of doing Mr. Limpet for fifteen years. Back in the mid-nineties, it was a property in development at Warner Bros. Feature Animation (the corporate division that died a few years after birth.) For a few halcyon months, Jim Carrey was attached to the old Don Knotts role, but the movie never got to ignition for launch.

Perhaps this time they'll reach lift off.


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Anonymous said...

Holy mutha of gawd. I got into CG back in 1996 and the first project I was crewed to was a test for Mr. Limpet. Some ideas never die.

Anonymous said...

That Blogfront thing in the comments. looks suspicious to me. I wouldn't click on the link. Business communication doesn't come in comments.

Anonymous said...

"Leading candidate" Richard Linklater? Hooookaaaayyy....

This project never seems to go away forever OR get made. The sight of Jim Carrey's face in front a of a fish body is something I'll never be able to cleanse myself of.

Anonymous said...

The hi-concept "remake" projects that were pushed in Carrey's face for most of the 90's (Walter Mitty? Six Million Dollar Man?) would be enough to make anyone swear off Hollywood films and only indulge in weirdo-indie roles--
The Jimster ain't never coming back to this one, which pretty much removes all reason for the project to still exist. Only thing keeping it on life support (apart from legendary Warner stubbornness) would be Linklater, who tends to, um, weed out his own projects, and probably got attracted to this one from pop-culture nostalgia. Long after the main inspiration was gone.

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