Monday, March 14, 2011

A Talk With Dale Baer About the Art of Animation -- Part I

Animator Dale Baer has spent four decades in the cartoon business. He's an animation pro who's been many places and done almost everything ...

TAG Interview with Dale Baer

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Dale, like many in the biz, yearned to jump into cartoons at an early age. He was among the first of the wave of young talent that rolled into the House of Mouse in the early seventies, and learned his craft from the old masters (Reitherman, Thomas, Johnston, Larson, etc..)

There is an excellent interview of Dale here and here, presented by The Animation Podcast. Think of this effort as an extension and addendum to that one, where Dale focuses on the art and day-to-day challenges of being a working animator. (This conversation is divided into three half-hour segments. You will find a ten-second overlap at the fronts and backs of Parts II and III.)


Anonymous said...

Broken link?

Is it just me?

Steven Kaplan said...

Tested again. Works fine here.

Steve Hulett said...

On some Windows programs, the player doesn't work. But it works fine with Apple.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview!

Dale makes a couple of great points that more people need to pay attention to these days. First, about the availability of directors. All the increased layers of production staff, and the endless meetings, get in the way of directors and supervisors doing their jobs. I can't tell you how much time rank-and-file crew members waste because we're waiting for feedback from our creative leads, who are tied up in useless, endless meetings.

Second, the pixel-fucking that goes on in CG is insane. As Dale says, the audience sees this stuff once, maybe twice, yet some people feel the need to watch shots being endlessly looped, so they can give notes that are often useless, and sometimes counterproductive.

robert alvarez said...

Hi Dale, It is nice listening to you after all these years. I can still remember a drawing on your animation disk back in the lab at Chouinard. It seems like a 100 years ago.

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