Friday, March 18, 2011

Four Out Of Sixteen

Four animation titles, three of which have had good runs, are embedded in Thursday's box office rankings. They are as follows:.

1) Rango -- $77,262,114.

4) Mars Needs Moms -- $10,088,083,814

5) Gnomeo and Juliet -- $91,288,382

16) Yogi Bear -- $98,965,017

All but Mars is likely to lurch over the $100 million marker. Somebody is obviously going to these entertainments, which is why our conglomerates keep putting them in the marketplace. Their batting averages are pretty good.

(One other number: TAG blog goes over 2,000,000 visits this weekend. Maybe if blog were snazzier, we would have gotten their quicker. Sadly, I am low on snazz.)


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