Sunday, March 13, 2011

Overseas Derby

Box office was less robust than usual due to an unforeseen natural event.

In a drab box office stanza on the foreign theatrical circuit – down a full 60% from the 2010’s comparable weekend largely due to Japan’s earthquake ordeal – Paramount’s Rango claimed the No. 1 spot, snaring $23 million from 4,963 locations in 46 markets, and pushing its early overseas gross total to $46 million. ...

Disney said it went ahead with its market opening of Tangled at 156 screens “despite the ongoing tragic conditions.” Reported two-day gross for the 3D reworking of the Rapunzel tale came in at $1.6 million. ... The film’s offshore gross totals $354.8 million, and its worldwide tally is $551.5 million. ...

Worldwide ticket sales are well over the half-billion mark for Tangled. I think we're close to break-even, don't you?

And as for the newbie Rango, it now has a worldwide gross of $114.7 million.



Thanks Steve for the report. Do you know if there is any hope that Rango is breaking into the 18-30 demographic more than other animated films? It's a hard nut to crack for animation, but I'm hoping that Rango's unique presentation can pull it off.

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