Sunday, March 27, 2011

One More Glittering Trophy

Pixar will pick up as many awards as there are ceremonies.

The first annual Comedy Awards hailed one of the best animations in 2010. "Toy Story 3", which was named Best Animated Feature Film of the Year at this year's Academy Awards, won over "Despicable Me", "Megamind" and "Shrek Forever After" as Animated Comedy Film at the Saturday, March 26 ceremony. ...

The momentum for Toy Story 3 continues strong. Of course, this has a little less prestige than the Oscar, but you take your prizes where you can find them.

(Of course, now there's that much more pressure for a Toy Story 4. Watch for it ...)


Anonymous said...


Sure sign of an amateur.

Anonymous said...

Wow. It beat out Shrek 4? Stiff competition. And by stiff I mean the animation in Shrek 4.

And what, Tangled wasnt nominated? Was I the only one who saw that film?

Anonymous said...

TS 3 wasn't nearly as much of a comedy as "Despicable" and "Megamind" were. It's a shame the Comedy Awards felt it necessary to award Pixar for being Pixar.

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