Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sony Pictures of Animation

SPA has been wrestling around with Hotel Transylvania since flush toilets became the bedrock of civilization. But they have now acquired this:

Sony Pictures Animation has bought screen rights to the Janet Foxley children's novel Muncle Trogg. It is the first acquisition made by Michelle Raimo-Kouyate since she joined as president of production. ...

Sony has a solid staff of development artists fully capable of doing the property justice. Now we'll see if SPA management will let them.


Anonymous said...

""Muncle Trogg" is the charming upside down fairytale about a tiny giant who saves the day. "

Sounds animated film about a backwards giant in an anti-fairy-tale based on a barely-known childrens book?

Where the shrek have I heard that one before? Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let's run down the roster of talented directors who have been attached to Hotel Transylvania shall we?

David Feiss
Tony Stacci
Jill Culton (quit)
Chris Jenkins (fired)
Todd Wilderman (quit)
Genddy T. (still there)

Lots of very talented artists have checked out of that particular hotel.

Anonymous said...

Things are better at SPA than they were 2 years ago. I hear there's momentum on projects and artists are busy working on lots of things.

Anonymous said...

Lets run down the list of Directors on How to Train your Dragon shall we?

Lorna Cook
David Soren
Peter Hastings
Chris Sanders
Dean Deblois

Anonymous said...

Re: Dragon-yes, but the first two and the last two names were teams, and what's more-the film came out on schedule, give or take 6 months. How's Hotel T doing?

Anonymous said...

Re: Hotel T - every animated studio has films that took a long time. Rapunzel was around forever. How many years was that? The first Shrek struggled for years. Spielberg wanted Bluth to do it whn he was making Fievel 2. It was being done in stop motion at one point. Croods just pushed their release date again because by all accounts it's a mess.

Anonymous said...

The last anonymous doesn't have a clue what they're talking about. Shrek was never being done in stop motion, and Bluth was never seriously considered at a director.

Shrek was considered a possible mo-cap movie, but it was quickly realized that that technique was a dead end. What really stalled the development of Shrek was the death of Chris Farley.

And The Croods has been delayed multiple times first because of the divorce between Aardman and DW, and next because Chris Sanders had to jump off the project to go onto HTTYD. And the 'all accounts' that the film is a mess is a bit of know-nothing rumor mongering. Try talking to someone actually familiar with the film, and how it compares to other DW films at the same stage.

Anonymous said...

I hope sanders has a co-director who can tell a story.

Anonymous said...

Croods isnt coming together on time. thats a fact. Spin it however you want

Anonymous said...

You don't know anything. Spin that however you want.

Anonymous said...

Really? I dont know anything?

Weird. Because a month ago I was doing pre-production on Croods. Now Im not.

Spin that however you want.

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