Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Now That the Release Dates Are Announced ...

Wall Street works its magic.

Analyst trims view on DreamWorks Animation's slate

Shares in DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. fell slightly Tuesday after an analyst trimmed his earnings estimates for the studio based on the film slate that will take it through 2014. ...

Cowen & Co. analyst Doug Creutz said ... delays, plus one fewer film in 2012 feeding into the following year's home video revenue, would hurt earnings, he wrote in a research note.

And if one of the upcoming animated movies under-performs in the world marketplace, earnings will suffer more. On the other hand, if one or more features knocks audiences' socks off, the turnstyles will spin smartly and company earnings will shoot skyward.

But right now, none of the experts have seen any of the product, so they don't know how the oncoming 3-D extravaganzas will do. Which means the projections are -- to a large degree -- guesswork illustrated with pretty graphs.


Anonymous said...

These projections are so bogus. It's true-they can't possibly make even an informed "guess" without seeing or knowing more about the films on the slate.

Anonymous said...

It was the dopey snail film that caused the stock to drop, I'll bet.

Not to mention that the Dragon sequel, which is the one Dreamworks film many people want to see, won't come out until 3 years from now.

Dumb move, Jeffery.

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