Sunday, March 27, 2011

Late March Steeple Chase -- Foreign Edition

A well-known trade paper has the stats:

Opening No. 1 in France ... and No. 2 overall was Paramount’s Rango, which collected a total weekend take ... for a foreign gross total so far of $94 million, nudging the worldwide cume to $200.4 million. ...

Tangled pulled $3.6 million from 2,105 situations in 33 markets for a foreign gross total of $368 million. ... Gnomeo & Juliet opened No. 1 in Germany ($1.8 million at some 430 locations). Foreign cume from all distributors (Pathe and third-party affiliates) comes to $65.2 million ... Disney’s Mars Needs Moms, $14 million (due to a $3.5 million weekend at 2,058 screens in 25 territories);

Of the current crop of animated offerings, I think we can safely say the MoCap feature has gotten knee-capped by world film-goers.

The others, happily enough, seem to be doing well. Even the concern trolls will soon be conceding that Tangled has made a nice profit. (Otherwise, why would WDAS staffers be getting bonuses? The Mouse gives cash to employees who work on money-losers?)


Anonymous said...

Tangled woulda made more in Japan, but, you know.... :(

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