Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dale Baer and the Art (Also the Business) of Animation -- Part III

Some of Mr. Baer's handiwork on behalf of the Disney Co. and General Motors.

In our final installment, Dale talks about forming his own animation studio and jumping into the world of animated commercials ...

TAG Interview with Dale Baer

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... And he speaks about returning to Disney Feature in the late 1990s to work on the last of the hand-drawn features and the first of Disney's computer generated efforts Chicken Little and Meet the Robinsons.


Floyd Norman said...

Well done, Mr. Baer, you've made me proud. I'll never forget those scenes you gave me on Robin Hood plus so much more. And, damn! You were just a kid then.

Milt, Woolie, John and Hal would be delighted to see what you've accomplished. You're an animator and a damn good one.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview on so many levels. Thank you, Dale and Steve.

Dave said...


Wow, these interviews are great. Thank you so much for doing these.

You know, hearing Dale talk about being at Disney in the 70's and training under the greats like Hal King and John Lounsbery, etc. reminds me that someone else who would be good to interview would be Ron Husband , who was also around in those days (I think also starting around 1972 on Robin Hood) and who worked at Disney up until the 2003 Eisner/Stainton purge of the traditional animation dept. So much great talent went out the door then ...

You can contact him via his website:

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