Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Conversing with Kathy Altieri -- Part II

A moment from How to Train Your Dragon.

We continue with our Kathy Altieri interview ...

TAG Interview with Kathy Altieri

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... wherein Kathy regales us with tales of the early DreamWorks Animation, when everyone was getting fat eating fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies every afternoon at 3 o'clock. (And here she talks about the artwork for and challenges of How to Train Your Dragon.)


Anonymous said...

Excellent interview with an excellent person. Thanks to both of you, Kathy and Steve.

Rubber Onion said...

I enjoyed her little diatribe on the Dreamworks logo colors (=

Anonymous said...

Steve, I love these interviews, but stop loading that final question already! You always say 'this is a question I've asked everybody...and so and so said this...'. You keep rephrasing the simple question: "Which 5 movies most influenced your path?" The answers are always interesting. But, it seems like you're making some long-winded disclaimer about at asking what should be a simple question. And, in doing so, you're also influencing the response. You seem to think it's a silly question. But, in actuality it's a nice cap to every interview that your listeners anticipate.

Floyd Norman said...

I first met Kathy in 1982. Great artist, wonderful person and wearer of cool shoes.

Steve Hulett said...

... stop loading that final question already!

Point very well taken.

I will try to rein in this annoying habit.

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