Saturday, March 26, 2011

On the march

TAG members Terry Lennon, Steve Hulett, Gordon Kent and Jeff Massie join Sunday's march and rally for communities and jobs that happened in downtown L.A. today.

As the L.A. Times related


... [T]housands of organized workers marched through downtown Los Angeles on Saturday. ... Police estimated between 5,000 and 8,000 people attended the protest, which ended in a packed rally at Pershing Square. The event comes in response to the Wisconsin Legislature's approval of a bill this month that curtails the collective bargaining rights of many unions and follows a weeks-long battle. ...

The march started at Staples Center, and wended its way through the streets of Los Angeles. Happily, there were no rain showers.

One more group shot (Donna Kent in the red shirt) from Chick Hearn Square, in front of Staples Center.


Floyd Norman said...

Awesome turnout on Saturday. I was there with members of the live-action motion picture community. It was a fantastic afternoon.

Steven Kaplan said...

According to the AFL-CIO blog, there was 20k in attendance. I am sorry to have missed it.

Unknown said...

I really appreciate your attendance at the march! I was working that day, but this cause is something that affects us all.

Thank you!

TotalD said...

Sorry I missed it but I was at the teachers protest in my red shirt (no that is not communist! This is what democracy looks like!

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