Sunday, March 06, 2011

The International Tally Sheet

As Rango tops domestic box office, so does it triumph in foreign lands.

... Rango boasted of No. 1 openings in the U.K. and Ireland ($3.1 million from 472 locations), Mexico ($2.7 million from 511 venues), Spain ($1.9 million from 369 spots) and Argentina ($450,000 from 106 situations).

Overall, the Rango openings bested in many markets those of Megamind, a DreamWorks Animation title that Paramount opened overseas last Oct. 28, and which has accumulated a foreign gross total of $171.1 million so far. ...

(And it's useful to point out that the chameleon was not presented in moving View Master, so it's victory is even more impressive, yes?)

Elsewhere on the animated front, Yogi Bear is now just shy of $100 million in foreign accumulations.


Anonymous said...

Rango, Megamind and Yogi Bear.

Yeah, it's great when crap makes money.

Anonymous said...

And it's great when crappy people have a place to anonymously crap on work that they don't happen to like.

Megamind was a much better film than most people give it credit for, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I haven't seen Rango or Yogi, but most of the critics, and the viewing public, disagree with you, and Yogi seems to have it the mark with it's intended audience.

Live a bitter life, and you'll reap bitterness. There are better ways to live, my friend.

Steve Hulett said...

Haven't seen Yogi or Rango, but I would disagree that Megamind is crap.

It was a relatively weak performer compared to DWA's other 2010 releases, but I found it to be an entertaining film. It suffered, I think, from perceived similarities to Monsters Vs. Aliens, which did better domestically but was (to my mind) anyway) a weaker film than MM.

Overseas, I think it's biggest obstacle was its American setting. Just now, I don't think animated films set in the U.S. do particularly well.

yeah! said...

"Megamind" was surprisingly entertaining. And the animation was on par with "Incredibles".

That's right, I said is was on par with "Incredibles"!!

Anonymous said...

Whoah, edgy! You sure showed them!

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