Monday, March 21, 2011

Continuing Strength

Fox keeps raking in cash with its Sunday night numbers.

Fox experienced a ratings toon-up on Sunday night thanks to its Animation Domination block of programming, with "The Cleveland Show" and "Family Guy" winning their time slots in the 18-49 demographic, and relative newcomer "Bob's Burgers" making modest gains, according to preliminary numbers. ...

Week after week, against college basketball, university basket-weaving and other types of live-action programming, the Murdoch animated bloc holds its own. This has given some welcome job stability to artists at Fox Animation, and since cartoons are a commodity that generally spoils quick and is otherwise hard to come by, I'm happy for the artists at Fox Animation.

I have no good explanation why Fox pulls the prime time toonage manuever off, or why every other network that attempts ther art form ends up performing face plants. Maybe the WGA contract does make the difference, except that Fox was succeeding with The Simpsons years before any union contracts materialized.

So there's only one viable answer. Fox is just smarter about animation than any other network.


Anonymous said...

"Fox is just smarter about animation than any other network."

I guess we should just accept the new normal as far as work flow.

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