Friday, March 18, 2011

Cross-Platform Advertising

Two years ago at the industry negotiations I attended, the congloms were complaining about how they didn't know exactly how to deal with all the new media platforms, that they were eating some of their old business models, it was awful, etc.

Now, it seems the studios are catching on about how to use different media platforms to promote other, older media. For example:

Since "Angry Birds" is one of the hot Android apps, why not use it to boost your new animated feature about birds? (Makes sense to me.) If Charlie Sheen can use the Twitter to sell out his concert tour, Fox can use a bird game to promote its latest big-budget, silver-screen production.

Clever, no?


Anonymous said...


I'd rather see interviews with the artists on the film, talking about the challenges they had in realizing the film.

Does this work on the iPad?

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