Friday, March 11, 2011

Foreign Levies

A quick, early-in-the-morning post regarding "foreign copyright royalties." ...

Yesterday I received a check for a few bucks from the Writers Guild. I've never been in the Writers Guild, but the organization collects copyright royalties from abroad for live-action and animation writers, and I got a small trickle of that for work performed in the 1980s, back before my biz rep days.

The money was for a Gummi Bear episode and an animated feature known as The Great Mouse Detective (and please don't get me started on the title.) I've received a slightly faster pace of incoming checks than before the settlement of a lawsuit between the Guild and various writers. So I'm supposing the settlement was a good thing for getting the money faster.

In these times, whenever an extra dollar comes my way, I strive to be grateful.

In case you're just hearing about this for the first time and wonder what the hell I'm talking about, a quick history:

In many industrialized countries, writers and directors are entitled to royalties for their creative work. So if you are an animation writer or an animation director, you could have cash coming your way, because the cash might be held by the WGAw or the Directors Guild of America (DGA).

Think you might be somebody who's eligible for these royalties? Contact us or the other listed labor unions, because the Directors or Writers Guild just might have your name on a printout with dollar signs beside it.


Jeff Massie said...

If you're a produced screenwriter (animation or live action, union or non-union), check here to see if you're owed any foreign levies monies.

In fact, check the database even if you have previously received WGAw foreign levies checks. Steve H. had in the past received checks for The Fox And The Hound for which he was listed as Steve Hulett, but a later check of the database showed that he was also owed money which was listed under a misspelling of his last name. (The database can be checked by name or show title; you can also register your name and address for payments that may show up in the future.)

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