Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joe Barbera: Happy 100th

Okay, he didn't make the century mark, but he came close to the magic number, passing through the damp veil in December, 2006.

I had the good luck to attend one of Mr. Barbera's birthday celebrations at Warner Bros. Animation in Sherman Oaks, either in '06 or '05. He had a long and storied career, and left behind a lot of theatrical shorts, television shows and features for people to watch for the next ... oh ... one or two hundred years. So I think we can say Joe Barbera was the owner of a life well-lived.

Happy Birthday, Joe.


TotalD said...

Probably the most fun I could have had was doing the last T&J with Spike and Tony for Mr B.They were very sweet. Bill would talk to the employees and come up with things to chat about. The world is poorer without them.

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