Monday, March 07, 2011

At the Afternoon of Remembrance

On Saturday afternoon, friends and associates of our animation community came together at the Hollywood Heritage Museum to honor fifty-eight veterans who passed away in the last twelve months.

Below the fold, snapshots of the event.

  1. Tom Sito, TAG President Emeritus and our master of ceremonies.
  2. Waiting for the ceremony to begin.
  3. Martha and Sol Sigall.
  4. Bob Kurtz.
  5. During the memorials.
  6. John Kimball and Larry Huber.
  7. Executive Board members Jan Browning, Nicole Dubuc and Gordon Kent, and Board member emeritus Stephan Zupkas.


- Tim Sormin - said...

Thanks for sharing!

FYI - I'm guessing you've got the captions for the last two pictures reversed.

Jeff Massie said...

Corrected ... thanks for pointing it out.

Bronnie said...

Here's a Facebook link to the Afternoon Of Remembrance Page, and many more pix!!:)

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