Monday, March 28, 2011

The Sonora Studios

There are lots of 401(k) meetings at lots of studios for me during the next couple of weeks. Today I spent morning and afternoon on Sonora Avenue in Glendale at DisneyToon and Disney TVA studios, where I held forth on the wonders of self-directed retirement accounts. Various employees of the Mouse told me ...

* Most of the story work on the first Planes feature is done, and another installment will soon be launched into development.

* A couple of Tinkerbell features remain in work. (You can't keep a good sprite down.)

* The younger-skewing shows at Disney TVA (Inspectore Oso, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey's Clubhouse etc.) will soon be decamping to a different building near the fabled Bob Hope Airport. (That's Burbank's aereodrome on Hollywood Way.)

* DisneyToon Studios will be moving to another building -- now under refurbishment -- on Sonora Avenue.

* Disney TVA has pilots in development, so new series might soon be in the offing. A staffer informed me that the powers plan to expand production in the near future. (We'll see if the prognostication pans out.)


Anonymous said...

The two TinkerBell features are "TinkerBell and the Pixie Hollow Games" (2011) and "TinkerBell and the Mysterious Winter Woods" (2012). Hopefully, there won't be any more after that.

Something odd though is that in the "Pixie Hollow Games" trailer, it says that the film will premiere on TV instead on Blu-ray/DVD which hasn't happened before.

Anonymous said...

If DisneyToon's just working on TinkerBell features and Pixar sequels and TVA is expanding, why does DisneyToon get the better kitchen, more coffee choices, and free fruit and TVA gets nothing? Why? WHY? WHY?


Anonymous said...

near the bob hope airport? they renting from the Starz building too? ;)

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, the new DTS building is, in part, being designed by some of the folks who helped build Pixar. It's a HUGE space. JL is not only giving the DTS crew a new home, but a new name as well!

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