Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Talking to Burny -- Part II

A project Mr. Mattinson championed that never reached production: Paul Gallico's "The Abandoned."

TAG Interview with Burny Mattinson

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Here in the second half of the Mattinson conversations, we discuss the directing styles of the old Disneyguard and the new ....

We also get into some of the projects that Burny has developed over the years that never found their way to the "greenlight for production" phase. (One in particular, Paul Gallico's The Abandoned, was purchased by Walt back in the day, but has never made its way to the silver screen. You can see Abandoned development drawings by the legendary Vance Gerry here.)


Steve Hulett said...

And, has been mentioned elsewhere, Mr. M. is now working on Mickey-Donald-Goofy pitch boards. I looked at the board on top of the stack in his office and was impressed (as always) by Burny's polished drawings and the situations in which he had Mick and Co.

I wanted to talk to Burny about development on the upcoming Winnie the Pooh feature, but unfortunately didn't get to it.

Mr. Mattinson did tell me earlier that Pooh was developed in the old studio style: board artists building sequences and writing their own dialogue, with (of course) lots input from the directors.

Floyd Norman said...

Another great interview, Steve.

I enjoyed being a part of the "old dinosaurs" at Disney Animation. Burny, Joe and Vance allowed me to be one of the Disney codgers up on the third floor. Now, all are gone except for Burny who's still hanging in there.

Anonymous said...

So, is Mickey going to be in his retro design, a la Epic Mickey, or the smooth, sterilized, boring design a la Three Musketeers?

If it's the latter, PASS.

TotalD said...

OOooo cool! I am just going to listen to this.

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